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From the stages of Vancouver's theaters, to film and television screens, to national radio ads, and the vibrant worlds of Saturday morning cartoons, Adrian Petriw's career has proved to be as diverse as his range as a performer.

 With the support of his family and mentors like Babz Chula, Kate Twa, and John Cassini, he began to work as a professional actor in his adolescence, and has since appeared in dozens of film and television projects such as CW's iZombie, and Arrow, AMC's Hell on Wheels, and The Killing and Fox's Lucifer.

Adrian is also one of Vancouver's premiere voice talents, having lent his voice to dozens of major animated franchises and hundreds of radio, web and TV commercials. 

A lover of theatre,  he co-founded Blind Pig Theatre  in 2010, and produced or performed in many of their sold-out productions.

Adrian is a proud member of the Ukrainian Canadian community and was featured by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in 2015 for his work.

When he isn't acting, voice acting, coaching or producing, Adrian is likely to be found riding his bike or hiking beautiful British Columbia alongside his beloved wife, Paige, his son, River, and his golden retriever, Marty McFly. 


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Adrian Petriw is a world-class VO talent, whose impressive resume of over 15 years includes campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, lead characters for some of the most recognizable franchises in animation,  heart-felt PSA's and clear and concise instructional narration.  

Most recently, he can be heard as "Adam" in Netflix's The Hollow, while his other animation credits include Iron Man Armored Adventures, Max Steel, SlugTerra, The Next Avengers, Exchange Student Zero, LBX, World Trigger, Nana, Superbook, The Yoda Chronicles, Barbie, Escape From Planet Earth, Hero 108, and Dinosaur Train to name a few. He is also voicing the title character in the CBC's Scout and the Gumboot Kids, which is currently in its 3rd season.  2018 will also see Adrian appearing as both a lead and series regular in two as yet unannounced Netflix Original Series.  

His work in advertising is extensive, having voiced hundreds of commercials in over a decade of work.  Adrian has voiced ads and campaigns for companies like Fandango, Best Buy, Jimmy Dean, Pledge, Nestle Crunch, Party City, Honda, A&W, Mcdonalds, McArthurGlen, Coca Cola, ICBC, BC Hydro, Granville Island Brewing, Money Mart, Sony, Red Bull, Pacific Western Brewing, Toyota, Destination BC, as well as PSA's for organizations like the Covenant House




Adrian's Film and Television career began with him landing a series regular role on the CBC's high school drama Edgemont, and since then his credits have included roles in iZombie, Lucifer, Mc2, Woman on the Run, Cargo, Under Fire, Hell on Wheels, The Killing, Continuum, Arrow, The Interrogation, Tower Prep, Romeo!, Dead Like Me, The Deadly Pledge, Gods of Youth, Broken House, and more.  A character actor at heart, Adrian is determined to mine for those parts of himself that seldom see the light of day. From network television to independent film, period drama and awkward college comedy, he thrives on pushing himself and his range to their limits.  




As his family was about to depart on a sailing trip from Vancouver's Vanier Park, an 8 year old Adrian wandered away from them and found himself in Bard on the Beach's green room tent during a performance of Hamlet.  "SWEAR" the Ghost (played by Douglas Campbell) boomed with God-like power from the nearby main stage... Adrian's eyes were wide with wonder...  The sights and sounds he took in that night began a life long passion, and the stage remains his home away from home. His diverse resume of productions includes leads in George F. Walker's Tough (Cucumber Satellite) and Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues (Deep Cove Theatre), as well as live cabaret shows with The True Heroines, to name a few.

Adrian trained for nearly a decade at Lyric School of Acting, and later Railtown Actors Studio under mentors Babz Chula, Kate Twa, John Cassini, Dr. Iris Macgregor-Bannerman, and others.  In 2010, he co-founded what would become Blind Pig Theatre, alongside several close friends and peers who he had studied with for many years. Since then, the company has produced seven shows, 3 of which featured Adrian on stage: Christopher Durang's Beyond Therapy (2010), Eric Bogosian's SubUrbia (2012), and Victor Gialanella's Frankenstein (2013).